The makeup brush that sold out just days after it launched.

It looks like a regular makeup brush that someone has taken a bite out of… but Estée Lauder’s Sculpting Foundation Brush is causing women across the country to lose their marbles.

The uniquely-shaped brush has been sold out since its launch last month, where over 1000 of them were sold straight up. A spokesperson for Estée Lauder says the company had to establish waiting lists almost immediately in anticipation of a new shipment of stock.

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If you’re not the kind who keeps up to date with new beauty releases, you might be wondering how a humble foundation brush could cause the sort of fanfare you’d usually expect from adolescent One Direction fanatics – only this time, among grown women.

Well, part of the brush's appeal lies in the fact it was designed exclusively for Estée Lauder, in conjunction with their global makeup artist team. Apparently its unique design enables the brush to "hug" the contours of your face - even the bits that are usually tricky to get to - making your application look smooth and even. Any help in that department is appreciated, no?

The brush also promises to make it easier to sculpt and lift your cheeks, bringing you one step closer to Maleficent-level definition.

But don't take it from us. The Joye's founder Paula Joye describes it at "The Magic Brush", while other beauty reviewers are tossing around adjectives like "amazing".

If you're one of the long list of people dying to get their hands on the brush, we have good news: a new shipment of stock has arrived. However, it's very likely the brush will sell out again, so don't get too complacent.

Besides, you probably deserve to buy yourself a treat, right? Right.

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The brush costs $70 and you can purchase it online here - or, if you're really good at dropping hints, you might persuade a loved one to order it for your Christmas stocking.

Just a suggestion...

Have you tried this foundation brush? How did you find it?

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