ROADTEST: "I went to my first ever online skin consultation. Here's everything I learned."

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Just when I got my winter skin routine down pat (hydration, hydration, hydration!), the weather has warmed and much like the seasons, my skin has decided to change what it needs from me.   

Throw in the fact I’m now back to work and wearing makeup daily, my skin has moved onto oilier pastures – who doesn’t love a 3pm shine?

Under usual circumstances, I would plug my concerns into Google à la oily skin prone to hormonal breakout, and break the bank buying a mixture of different brands and products in hopes they work their magic. 

Luckily for me, I no longer have to do this. Thanks to esmi Skin Minerals' FREE online skin consultation, I am now armed with a range of their products that will do exactly what I need to combat my oily skin and monthly breakouts (this makes the Virgo in me very happy – I love when a skincare brand can offer me everything I need within their range).

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The consultation is available through their website between 6am-10pm Monday to Friday and 8am-10pm on weekends, meaning I could fit in a quick live consult while giving the kids a bath (single mum life means multi-tasking to the extreme).

The best part is the consultants are all qualified and experienced beauty therapists! Across the team there is additional expertise and qualifications in Dermal Science, Nursing, Health Coaching and Naturopathy too.

With years and years of experience combined within the team — using all different aspects of their qualifications and experience — they guide, educate, and support customers along their esmi journey! 


While the kids played amicably in the bath, Sammy, my skin consultant, asked me a few questions:

“May I ask, is your skin more dry or oily overall? What are your main concerns? Are you prone to any skin sensitivities? What are you currently using on your skin AM and PM?”

I then poured my heart out and told her how my skin was oily and prone to hormonal breakouts and she replied:

“Are you looking to add to your current routine or start fresh?” 

Without hesitation the Virgo in me shouted "OVERHAUL!" After all, it’s spring and who doesn’t love a Spring clean of skincare products?

Armed with all the information she needed from me, Sammy began recommending which esmi products would best suit me and address my skin concerns:

The Uncomplicated Cleanser

First up, Sammy suggested I try the Uncomplicated Cleanser to help with the oiliness of my skin:

"A gentle formulation cleanser that deeply cleanses the skin without stripping its natural oils or good bacteria! Contains Aloe Vera and Green Tea Extract, so it's calming and soothing."

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Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum 

To fight dehydration and improve the overall glow of my skin, Sammy recommended their hydrating serum:

"This will be helpful to boost your skin's internal hydration - think of this as being like a BIG drink of water for the skin cells! Also contains Niacinamide, which is great for balancing the skin and can assist with repairing and restoring a compromised barrier."


Probiotic Skin Mylck plus Anti Redness

To reduce the redness that always seems to appear on my skin, she told me about the Probiotic Skin Mylck plus Anti-Redness. What I absolutely loved, though, was she told me exactly how to incorporate it into my routine (which is EVERYTHING because once the products arrive, I don't have to fuss around trying to figure out the best way to use them):

"Use this as your daily moisturiser. 

"A lightweight moisturising lotion, containing Lysates Probiotic Bacteria to help improve the overall skin health and barrier function. It also has the added benefits of mountain pepper to help condition the skin and reduce inflammation. 

"AM: Cleanse, apply 3-5 drops skin mylck, SPF/foundation.

"PM: Double cleanse, apply pea size amount hyaluronic serum, apply skin mylck."

After giving me the lowdown on how to use the product, she then added, "after 1 week if the skin is adjusting well, you can look to apply the hyaluronic serum during the AM as well as the PM."


Feeling excited by the possibilities I replied excitedly: “Amazing! These three sound like a great combo!”

“They do all go really well together! Please let me know if I can help you with anything else today. X,” she said.

A quick glance up in the bathroom mirror and I realised I had forgotten to mention the fine lines forming under my eyes (turning 30 has been fun…) so I quickly asked Sammy, aka my new skin advice bestie, what esmi had in their range that could help me smooth those suckers out.

As the chat ellipses popped up, I knew I was in for something good.

“May I suggest our hydrating eye serum to help boost the skin's internal hydration? It will keep the skin firm and plump, working on preventative anti-ageing concerns. I recommend applying 1/2 a grain of rice size to each eye, applying only to the eye bone and never over the eyelids.”


With my esmi shopping cart filled up with all of Sammy’s recommendations (totaling $279), I knew if I ran into any issues I could easily hit my girl Sammy, or her colleagues up, at any time (read: between 6am-10pm on weekdays and 8am-10pm on weekends) to see what works and what doesn’t.

Top tip: don’t forget to give your esmi skin consultant your email address – they ask for it right off the bat – because after your chat has ended, they email you the transcript so you will have a record of the recommendations and tips handy. 

At the end of our chat, I may have accidentally closed the window whilst wrangling the two kids out of the bath (sorry Sammy, I didn’t get to say thank you and goodbye).

If jumping onto their online chat isn’t your cup of tea, you can always email or DM the team via Insta. WIN!

Now don’t mind me as this mama indulges in some much needed self-care after 4 months in lockdown with the two kiddos. I'm going to give my skin some much needed TLC as it shifts gears from dry to oily.

We know that skincare can be overwhelming. In a saturated market it's hard to know what products are actually best suited for your unique skin. That is why esmi have a team of qualified Skin Service Specialists available to offer you support. To get your free online skin consultation, head over to the  esmi website.

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