Erin Molan has a confronting picture that she wants you to see.

Erin Molan wants you to look closely at her face. See that dark mark beneath her eye, the other at the corner of her mouth?

They’re not bruises, as they might first appear. They’re words. Words like: stupid, fool, loner, go away, you don’t deserve me. Words that can hurt; even kill.

It’s all part of a domestic violence awareness campaign by Cosmopolitan Australia, highlighting the dangers of emotional and psychological domestic abuse.

"Look at me." Erin Molan via Cosmopolitan Australia. Source: Instagram.

Molan shared the campaign photograph on social media, and wrote: "Confronting... yes. Absolutely. But crucial... yes, and then some.

"IT HAS TO STOP. ENOUGH. Physical and emotional abuse kills and no one can afford to turn a blind eye ever."

The Footy Show host is one of several famous female faces who have lent themselves to the campaign, including actress Danielle Cormack, supermodel Robyn Lawley and former Bachelor winner Anna Heinrich.


While not a DV victim herself, Molan has been an outspoken advocate for the millions of Australian women who have been directly affected.

"Every single person should be standing up to domestic violence," she says in Cosmo. "If we don't put an end to this now our children will be affected - and theirs."

Speaking on the Footy Show in June, the 34-year-old called for the NRL to "walk the walk" when dealing with players accused of violence against women.

“The victims of domestic violence live with the impact of being hurt physically for the rest of their lives,” she said.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a superstar, or you’re on big money or you’re a really big deal. It is not OK, ever.”