"It’s deceptively practical." Erika Heynatz shares her "ridiculous" pregnancy staple.

Model, actress, singer, musical theatre star, TV presenter… yep, Erika Heynatz has worn a lot of hats throughout her career.

Now the 40-year-old is about to take on another significant role: mum. In December, Erika and her husband Andrew Kingston are due to welcome their first child together.

Before she embarks on the adventure of parenthood, we quizzed the Home and Away star to find out a few of her favourite things…

Skincare product

“I use Elizabeth Arden peel pads to gently exfoliate my skin and support natural cell turnover. They are a great, cost effective alternative to facials, they’re easy to use and refine skin for a really great glow.”

Pregnancy product

“Ridiculous as it sounds, an inflatable pool ring I bought in Hawaii. It’s deceptively practical! It’s good to swim with, sit on during mediation, use as rest pillow… it’s become my pregnancy staple. Bio Oil has been a godsend too. So far, no new stretch marks. I got tons when I had my growth spurt as a teenager!”

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Cheapo fashion brand

“Top Shop and Zara are go-to brands for fast fix budget friendly fashion. Within a couple of weeks of the fashion shows they release their own versions of the collections. It’s great disposable seasonal wear.”


Hair product

“I use Olaplex to take good care of my hair. My hair, which is long, blonde and colour-treated, is exposed to a lot of heat styling and damage. Olaplex is fantastic for strengthening and restoring hair while applying colour and also has an at-home treatment which replenishes and makes my hair look and feel amazing.

“For convenience, dry shampoo is my top hair product. Aveda have released a non aerosol dry shampoo in a super light squeeze bottle which works so much better than the spray shampoos. It doesn’t have that nasty chalky feel and has a lovely subtle fragrance.” (Post continues after galley.)

Healthy living product

“Early in my pregnancy, I was recommended Metamucil by my obstetrician as a daily wellness supplement because it’s made with 100% natural psyllium fibre which cleanses from within. It’s so easy to take with a glass of water or my morning veggie juice and tastes great, and it’s really helped me feel lighter and more active during my pregnancy, which is so important to me.”

Health snack

“I love salted air-popped popcorn for a savoury fix, or a vanilla protein smoothie with Wild Berry Metamucil for more added fibre to my diet. Both these snacks are fibre-rich, keeping me feeling full and satiated longer so I don’t get tempted to eat garbage.”

"Yoga is a big part of my exercise regime."

Fitnesswear brand

"Yoga is a big part of my exercise regime and my favourite brand is Lulu Lemon. They have fantastic yoga pants with a soft waist band which is great for mums to be! They give a gentle support across the lower back too. When I’m not pregnant, Lucas Hugh from Stylerunner is the most unique, sexy and flattering fitness brand I have ever worn."


Hair salon

"Headcase Hair in Paddington. My colourist Kay Flice is the ultimate blonde expert — my hair has never been in better condition. John Pulitono cuts my hair but also styles it for performances and events. He does all the top fashion shows in NYC and Milan so he’s got a great aesthetic for creating something modern and FAST!"

"My hair has never been in better condition." Yep, we'd have to agree.

Holiday destination

"Italy. The Mediterranean summer is hard to beat because it’s accompanied by the best food and wine. I love the language, I love the attitude of the people and I live for that deep green sea."


"Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia has become my favourite fragrance — fresh and clean and never too strong. During my pregnancy while my sense of smell and skin has been more sensitive I have loved using more essential oils. Aveda have a beautiful aromatic oil called “shampure” which is heavenly." (Post continues after gallery.) 

 Gym equipment

"My favourite gym equipment is my spin cycle bike! As my pregnancy progressed, I found that walking started to increase my back and hip pain, so I bought a second hand spin bike and have used it as my main form of cardio. It’s a great, low-impact exercise that still gets the heart rate up and maintains fitness levels even during third trimester. I do interval training on the spin bike three times a week."

Nail polish colour

"OPI Samoan Sand — the perfect pale beige pink with long lasting finish and the brilliant orange red. “A Roll in The Hauge” is the best summer colour, goes brilliantly with a tan. CND Vinylux does a great, super shiny durable top coat."

What is your beauty secret?