The outrageous interview everyone is talking about today.

Mia: “How can you be comfortable being part of something that promotes this non science?”


It was an unbelievable few minutes of television.

A senior government minister inelegantly twisting a knife into millions of women throughout Australia.

A senior government minister touting factually incorrect information, insulting thousands of breast cancer sufferers, their families, and their medical supporters with his archaic and dangerous words.

It was appallingly ignorant, and scientifically wrong.

Senator Eric Abetz has appeared on television and revealed he believes there is a link between abortion and breast cancer.

Studies on 80,000 women from 16 different countries have proven the theory incorrect.

Speaking on The Project to Mamamia publisher Mia Freedman, he said: “I think the studies, and I think they date back from the 1950s, assert that there is a link between abortion and breast cancer.”

When questioned by Mia Freedman – appearing as a guest host – about the medical groups and researchers that have stated there is no link, he just dismissed the science.

Mia Freedman pressed him, “It is conclusively and scientifically incorrect. In the same way the link between vaccinations and autism is incorrect. How can you be comfortable being part of something that promotes this non-science?”

The Senator’s response: “I don’t know what your scientific expertise is it to be able to run than commentary.”

Mia Freedman replied, “It is not me, it is the AMA.”

Senator Abetz went on to quickly dismiss the Australia Medical Association.


“There are other organisations [other than the Australian Medical Association] that have differing views,” he said.

Senator Abetz was on The Project defending his involvement in a “pro-family” conference, the World Congress of Families, which promotes bigotry and intolerance.

It will take place on August 30 at St Patrick’s Church in Melbourne’s Mentone.

The view that there is a link between abortion and breast cancer has been promoted by US doctor Angela Lanfranchi, who will give a presentation to the Congress titled The link between Abortion and Breast Cancer.

Experts have hit back at the beliefs peddled by Dr Lanfranchi and other speakers at the conference, with representatives from groups including Cancer Council Australia, the Breast Cancer Network Australia and Reproductive Choice Australia telling Mamamia:

Senator Abetz today defended his appearance on The Project, saying in a statement:

Media reports that I have drawn or believe there is a link between abortion and breast cancer are incorrect. In my interview last night on The Project I studiously avoided doing so, and was cut off before being able to acknowledge that Dr Angela Lanfranchi’s views on this topic were not the accepted medical view.

As I pointed out, I am associating myself with the Families Conference – the broad aims of which I support.  This does not mean that I endorse the views of every single speaker.

Notwithstanding this, Dr Lanfranchi is a breast cancer surgeon and a clinical assistant professor of surgery.  She is the surgical co-director of the Sanofi-Aventis Breast Care Centre and the Steeplechase Cancer Centre in New Jersey. 
She has spoken at hospitals and universities around the world and she has the right to free speech in Australia.

I accept the AMA has a right to disagree with Dr Lanfranchi’s views.

Mamamia believes the claim that abortion causes breast cancer is inaccurate, bizarre, dangerous rhetoric – and that we should not allow our politicians to mislead the public in such a way.

Spread the word.

Mamamia are calling for Australia’s politicians to not attend the conference. If you agree sign Mamamia’s petition here.

For more on the conference read this post here.

You can watch the full interview here.
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