13 things that will happen before we get equal pay for women in Australia.

Oooph. This is dire.

Put the year 2089 in your robot diaries, females. That’s the year we Australians will finally reach equal pay for women.

According to research released today by Oxfam, it’ll take us 75 years to reach pay equality for women in the workforce.

Right now, we pay women approximately 65% of what a man earns for the same job. About 65% of women work, but we’re overrepresented in part-time and casual jobs. That is, we have inferior job stability, fewer options for flexible work, and we’re paid significantly less to do the same work. As I said – it’s dire. Think of it this way, if you can stand to: Any young woman entering the workforce today will not see pay equality happen.

It’s one of the tenets of feminist ambition… and yet, most of the women fighting for equal pay will not see it achieved in this country.

Unless science works out how to keep us alive or replace our hearts with robot organs, we will not live to see equal pay.

Actually. The invention of robot hearts that keep us young forever is more likely to happen before equal pay.

Here are 13 astonishing things that will happen before Australians achieve equal pay for women.

In the year 2089…

1. People will have been living on Mars for 64 years.

2. Prince George will be king, or the English monarchy will no longer exist.

3. North West will 76 years old.

4. Nirvana’s song ‘Never Mind’ will celebrate its 100th anniversary.


5. Almost 1/4 of all living species will be extinct.

6. We will have run out of helium, tequila, chocolate, and bacon.

7. Mexico may have taken control of the Unites States of America.

8. Androids have replaced most policemen as law enforcers.

9. All of The Beatles music will have entered the public domain.

10. Our global economies no longer rely on oil.

11. White people are a minority in countries like the US.

12. Blue Ivy Carter will be releasing her final album before retirement.

13. China will have been the global superpower for 3 decades, having (hopefully peacefully) taken over from America.

If you can’t stand knowing it’ll take us 75 years for equal pay to happen… We have to act now. Start by joining Oxfam in demanding that the Australian government make pay equality for women a priority at the G20 summit.

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