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8 engagement alternatives that are way better than a ring.

What do you do when the ring thing just isn’t your thing?

As I get older and more of my friends get engaged, it seems that rings really are the talk of the town. In fact, there are entire conversations devoted to cut, clarity and the all important question of cost.

And, in my effort to stay seamlessly involved in the lives of my best gal pals, I often find myself indulging in endless chatter that is essentially all about a piece of jewellery – which, let’s face, is not necessarily what I’d love to spend all day thinking about.

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Not only does it drive me a little bit crazy that so many of my girlfriends gave their boyfriends/partners/fiances pictures of exactly what they wanted (sorry girls, that kills the romance just a little), but also I am not a ring person. Not even close.

I’ll give you an example of a conversation that went down between myself and my bestie a few weeks ago, just so you know what I mean….

ME: Oh my gosh, I can’t believe how many people are getting engaged.

BESTIE: I know, crazy right?

ME: Yeah. But more to the point, everyone seems to have such a specific idea of what ring they want before they get engaged. (Note: I was trying to get across the point that engagement should be more about marriage than the demands of a pre-specified ring).

BESTIE: I know. I’m going to have to start going into jewellery stores soon to try on rings. After all, I’ll need to know ahead of time what ring will suit my hand and what size I’ll need. (Note: My bestie LOVES all things shiny and sparkly).

ME: But whyyyyyyy????


Needless to say, it was truly a case of the each of us missing the other one’s point.

At this point I’d like to point out that I’m not an engagement ring hater. I just think that, just as everyone’s tastes are different, so too should be how they choose to mark the milestone of getting engaged.

I’d also like to clarify that I’m not only referring to male-female engagements, as even some of my closest gay friends have not been immune to this obsessive trend of buying a piece of expensive jewellery to symbolise a relationship.

In many ways, the engagement ring isn’t even really a lasting trend, just an expensive one. After all, the notion of a diamond engagement ring has only been around for 80 years or so. And, with the average price of an engagement ring rising to $4000 in 2013, you’d want to be sure it’s an investment that you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life.

With that in mind, here are some useful engagement ring alternatives for those of you who (a) don’t really want to put a ring on it, (b) are keen to spend less on the ring and invest more in something you can both share, or (c) are interested to know what the ladies in the Mamamia office could come up with.

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So, next time you’re questioning which cut and clarity will work for you or how much you’d consider spending when it comes to the all important engagement ring remember this – diamonds may be forever, but you’ll never forget the gift of one million goats.

What about you, are you a fan of engagement rings? Do you have any other alternative ideas?