Energy drinks on tap or in can. Good idea or bad idea?


I have never even tasted high energy drink Mother but I guess actual mothers are hardly their target market – it seems that the target market is in fact drunk people or people who hang out at pubs and clubs and need a huge hit of caffeine.

When I was pubbing and clubbing we would have had a really strong coffee to get our caffeine hit. Possibly some No Doz. And there was that time someone suggested I take an over-the-counter cold tablet (don’t try that at home kids, it’s probably illegal and also baaaad for you. Just go home when you get tired. Drink tea. Go to bed. )

It has been reported that up to 95 pubs and clubs across NSW are serving Mother on tap.  Now this is not Mother like the maternal, kindly mum that will look after you after you have had a few drinks this is Mother the high caffeine energy that  contains 160mg of caffeine in a 500ml serve , (a cup of coffee is 60 -120mg and a 375ml can of cola is 48.75mg).

According to

… New research published by the University of Florida in the medical journal Addictive Behaviors, found young people who drink alcohol mixed with energy drinks are three times more likely to become highly drunk and four times more likely to drink-drive than those who only drink alcohol.

Mother, owned by Coca-Cola Amatil,was first put on tap at two pubs in April and has since widened to 95 hotels.

NSW Health spokesman Jason Donohoe said it was irresponsible to sell the drink on tap and in such a highly visible way on bar counters. “Studies on the effects of consumption of energy drinks in combination with alcohol find that users may experience reduced perceptions of alcohol impairment,” he said.

The Australian Medical Association federal vice-president, Dr Steve Hambleton said: “This is horrifying. In Canada, the health warnings on energy drinks say max one drink per day.”

Now it seems likely that pubs will be banned from selling energy drinks on tap with both the Government and Opposition committing to tackling the issue. But will this really make a difference.  It is still sold in cans

What do you think on tap or in a can ? Does it really make a difference? Do you drink energy drinks? When and what for? Do you mix them with alcohol?

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