'She lied about having leukaemia.' 3 women on how it felt to be ghosted by a friend.

We all know about ghosting when it comes to relationships. But it’s not just romantic partners who can disappear from our lives without warning. It can happen with friendships too – and sometimes the fall out can be even more painful. Three women spoke to Mamamia about exactly how it felt to be ghosted by someone they thought was a friend.

“We’d planned to attend the formal together… she never showed up,” Steph.

“My best friend from high school ghosted me as soon as we finished our exams. We’d planned to attend the formal together, but on the day, she never showed up and didn’t respond to my texts. I was mortified.

“A few months earlier, she had told me that she had been diagnosed with leukaemia. She missed a lot of days of school for chemotherapy, but refused to let me keep her company at any of her appointments. Things were a little fishy, but I never questioned it because… who would fake something like that?

“In the end, it turns out she was faking it all in a ploy to try to guilt trip her ex into getting back together with her. So I guess I’m kind of glad she ghosted me!”

“We went from talking pretty much everyday to nothing with absolutely no explanation,” Joanne.

“While at university I became close friends with another girl in my course. We were both doing the same degree, had mutual friends and became close. We lived quite far apart even though we went to the same university so only really saw each other in class or at uni.

“Last year we started hanging out more one-on-one, going to events and going on weekend trips. I even helped her and her family decorate their house for Christmas and we planned a NYE party at her house together.

“After the party on NYE we saw each other maybe once, and then all my Instagram DMs and texts went unanswered. We went from talking pretty much everyday to nothing with absolutely no explanation. She still follows me, watches my Instagram Stories but never responds to messages or sends anything to me. The worst part is that I lent her a bunch of great books to read and now I don’t know if I’m ever going to get them back!”

“I realised she’d blocked me on Facebook and deleted me on Instagram,” Tasha.

“I’d been friends with Becky* for 19 years, she was in my bridal party. After I got married, I set her up with a mutual friend – and it changed our friendship beyond repair.

“I made a special effort to not to get overly involved in their relationship because she’s a very private person, but she still seemed to be really paranoid that I knew too much.

“She pushed me away. So when we had a small disagreement over something I decided to leave the ball in her court to see if she wanted to talk about it and sort it out. She just never responded.

“A few months later, she broke up with the guy I set her up with, and when I tried to reach out to her I realised she’d blocked me on Facebook and deleted me on Instagram. I still have no idea what went wrong – and that’s what hurts the most.”

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