Why has this photo of a man tying a shoelace made everybody lose their minds?





Last week, a man in the US spotted a grocery store employee helping an elderly customer tie his shoelaces.

The man took a photo of the sweet moment, and put it on Facebook.




The photo went viral.

In just a few short days, it has had over 200,000 Facebook likes and been shared more than 15,000 times. It’s been written about across the Internet and even made national news.

Because someone tied some shoelaces.

Now, it’s definitely lovely. A beautiful little moment.


Is that really where we’re at, as humans, that a photo of a young guy tying someone’s shoelaces becomes international news?

Are we so lacking in kindness and positive news that a polite gesture by a thoughtful employee goes majorly viral?

That’s kind of sad, isn’t it?

Maybe with wars and deaths and Ebola and police brutality and corrupt politicians and – well, you get the idea – maybe people are just desperate for something sweet to share. And this shoelace got tied at just the right time.