Is this the face of an online predator?

Got emoji-happy kids who live online? Share these terrifying faces

They’re a quirky and often hilarious way to add some personality to text messages. Now, a non-for-profit organisation has used emoji to send an important message about keeping children safe on the internet.

French ad agency Rosapark, in conjunction with Innocence en Danger – an organisation aiming to combat child sexual abuse – has transformed three popular emojis into creepy, surrealist human faces.

The effect is a striking, not to mention unsettling, reminder that behind every emoji is a person sending it – and that no matter how cute, cheeky and innocent these little pictures are, they can provide an anonymous online mask for strangers hoping to gain access to children.

Although we’ll never look at emoji in the same way after seeing this (the ‘bIs thislowing a kiss’ face is just terrifying), it’s an incredibly effective way to bring an vital topic to the forefront of every parent’s mind. Check these out:

 What do you tell your kids about online safety? Do you think this campaign would work, or is it too extreme?