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'It's been a tough few months.' Gogglebox star Emmie Silbery has been diagnosed with dementia.

Gogglebox's Emmie Silbery won't be returning to our TV screens this year. 

The 94-year-old has recently moved into an aged care facility, following a dementia diagnosis. 

Her daughter, Kerry, and granddaughter, Isabelle, shared the news on Instagram today. 

Watch this clip of the Silbery family on Gogglebox. Post continues after video. 

Video via Foxtel.

Isabelle told her fans her grandmother is "safe and happy" in permanent care following the diagnosis. 

"It’s been a tough few months, watching my grandma deteriorate before our eyes with dementia. I’ve been supporting Mum who has all the weight on her shoulders as she makes some big decisions for Emmie’s future," she wrote. 

"The three of us have always maintained being real with each other and you all, even through family struggles [and] this is one of them. We hope this opens up the conversation about dementia, supporting loved ones and the reality of grieving them while they’re still here," she added. 

"She’s stepping back from [Gogglebox] as it just wouldn’t be fair to her [and] instead she will be enjoying her evening wine whilst watching us on the couch."

Kerry said this season "will be different" without her mother. 

"It’ll be different, and it’s sad particularly for us and the viewers because mum has provided a lot of amazing insight and humour," she said. 


"She’s the oldest Logie award winner in history. It’s the reality of life and half the people over the age [of] 90 suffer from dementia. Luckily mum’s got the kind where she’s laughing and she’s a happy little camper."

The three generations of the Silbery family have been making Australians laugh since Gogglebox premiered in 2015. 

"Rest assured, Emmie is still cracking jokes, still up for a cuddle and in blissful ignorance of her circumstance," Isabelle signed off her post.

Gogglebox Australia returns 7:30pm Wednesdays, February 22 on Foxtel and Binge.

Feature Image: Instagram @isabellesilbery/@thesilberys.