The hidden symbol in Emma Watson's MTV Awards outfit.

Emma Watson had a successful night promoting equality at the MTV Movie and TV Awards this week.

Not only did she deliver a kick-ass speech about gender discrimination after receiving the first major gender-neutral acting award, but the actor made another statement about equal rights on the red carpet – only this time without saying a word.

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You may have missed sign of solidarity for LGBTIQ and other marginalised people. It was subtle, but plain to see (on the Beauty and The Beast actor’s waist).

Best Actor in a Movie winner Emma Watson. (Image via Getty.)

The blue ampersand '&'  pin on The Best Actor in A Movie winner's belt is from GLAAD, a group working to better the lives of LGBTQ+ and marginalised people.

"Together, we resist the powers that seek to divide us. We must stand in solidarity," the GLAAD website states.

"All of us. Because no one is just one identity, and many of us are under attack. All marginalised communities are under attack. The ampersand is the symbol that unites us."

Those with keen eyes will have also spotted the pin on Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown when she accepted her award for Best Actor In A TV Show.