FLUFF: Who is that woman standing next to Emma Watson?

Emma Watson‘s bodyguard couldn’t get hold of Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak in time for her graduation ceremony.

So she went with a normal graduate cloak and cap instead.

Yep. That “fellow student” to Emma’s right is actually a fully trained, armed bodyguard keepin’ Emma safe in the crowds. They’re both at Brown University, where Emma just accepted her degree in English Literature (500 points to Gryffindor).

Imagine if your job actually required you to play dress-ups and protect one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. This woman deserves her own movie, stat.

At first, everyone was just happily celebrating the fact that Emma has a great brain:

But overnight, amateur detectives on the interweb blew Emma Watson’s bodyguard’s cover wide open today with these photos:

Obviously we hope the bodyguard had a wand concealed under that cloak too. Just in case a quick “Expecto Diploma!” was required.

Harry Potter jokes, Hermione Granger references, etc etc funny.

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