One of your favourite Wonderland stars is now rocking a blonde bob.

Image: Instagram (@emmalung)

Confession: we’re not doing too well on Aussie celebrity hair watch right now. First we failed to realise radio host Myf Warhurst had gone blonde – about a year ago, no less – and now this.

Emma Lung, who plays Colette Riger on Channel Ten’s Wonderland, has not only chopped her long hair into a bob, but her usually dark hair is also lighter. Much, much lighter.

How did we possibly miss it?

The 32-year-old, who had been rocking the balayage look earlier in the year – as you can see in the photo above – shared this snap on Instagram last month, writing “blonder ever blonder”:

Emma Lung has gone blonde

Then, last night, she showed off her blonde bob and new fringe at the premiere of The Water Diviner in Sydney. In our defence, this appears to be the first time the actress has been on a red-carpet since she's gone fully blonde (and since her pregnancy became public knowledge).

She's a Logie and AFI Award winning actress, she's pregnant, and she's killing her new hairstyle... yep, Emma Lung is winning life right now.

Check out Emma's hair on the red carpet last night - and some other celebrity hairstyles we are loving at the moment...

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