One of Australia's most popular businesswomen just had her fifth baby at home.

In the public eye, Emma Isaacs is known as the founder and Global CEO of Business Chicks, working with a dogged aim to empower women across the world in business, in work and in their careers.

At home, she’s a Los Angeles-based, Aussie mum to five kids under the age of eight.

Just last month, Isaacs welcomed baby Piper into the world at home, surrounded by family, her midwife and her doula. And in sharing the photos – taken by photographer Stevie van der Chys – of the birth on Instagram, her followers and fans were given unique insight into Piper’s entry into the world, surrounded by the people who already love her the most.

It was Isaacs’ fifth homebirth.

Talking to Mamamia about the birth, Isaacs said having the space and support at home to give birth has meant she has always felt a particular sense of safety.

“At home I can choose who I want to surround myself with and it’s where I ultimately feel most safe and relaxed. In my case it’s always my midwife, my doula, my husband and kids that attend the births. My mum’s been at the past three births which has been beautiful too.

“I have a really close bond with my midwife and she comes to my home (or office!) for all my ante-natal visits which for a busy entrepreneur is a huge gift, and she’s with me through the birth and supports me afterwards too,” Isaacs said.

This is the indescribable joy and surprise of meeting our bubba for the first time. Feeling proud to have brought our new baby girl earthside so gently and powerfully with her siblings, my mama, and our extraordinary midwife and friend @sherylmargotsidery by our sides. Huge props to baby daddy @rowanisaacs for keeping the jokes flowing (and insta stories which I didn’t know about until we were a few in!) and to @svdcphotographer.svdcintuitive who captured the experience beautifully. Bubs is our smallest at 3.55kgs (how does that happen with a fifth baby?!?) and we’re debating on names as we speak. Thanks to everyone who sent their love and wishes – I very much felt the strength and love from you all. #homebirth

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For the mum-of-five, her decision initially to have a home birth with her first child came after watching countless documentaries, attending a Calmbirth course and a pre-natal classes.

“I was considered low risk and felt educated and really confident about the stages of labour. Of course none of these things can completely prepare you for labour, but they helped greatly and I birthed my first baby into water at home. The lights were down, the candles were on, I was focused, calm and most of all – I had no fear. The result was a beautiful, empowering birth.”


Although she was determined to bring her babies into the world on her terms, and in an environment she felt both safe and at ease in, Isaacs said the health of her babies has always been paramount, and for this reason, made sure she had booked into her local hospital in case she needed to present there.

“The midwife or two – I had two present at my latest birth – are there to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the mother and the baby. If that requires a transfer to the hospital, then that’s what has to happen. I have booked in with my local hospital for every one of my births in case I’ve had to present there. They have a copy of my medical records and bloods and history in case it’s needed. It never has been.”

Despite the fact she has made a conscious decision to bring her babies into the world in a space they will eventually grow up in, Isaacs told Mamamia she has never passed judgement on the way others approach childbirth. It is, she notes, all about choice.

“I’d never ever judge a woman for the choices they make when it comes to childbirth. My three closest girlfriends have chosen elective c-sections and I’ve supported them through each of them. I’d just love women to know that they have choices.”

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