Emma Freedman gives us a tour of her makeup bag.

Image: Emma Freedman

UPDATE: We were both sad and surprised by the news that Emma Freedman has been made redundant from her position as a weather and sport presenter on Channel 9’s Weekend Today show. The network announced their decision yesterday, with many viewers – and Emma’s father, horse trainer Lee Freedman – expressing their shock on Twitter.

Emma, 25, doesn’t seem to be letting the news get her down, tweeting: “It’s been a blast, but raring to go and looking forward to the next chapter #2015 #stayclassysandiego”

With her enthusiasm, vibrant on-screen presence and great style, we have no doubt the 25-year-old will be snapped up for another position in no time.

Last week, we asked Emma to give us a tour of her makeup bag. Here’s what she revealed:


Out on the road as weather chick for the TODAY Show is a mostly pleasant experience. Often joyous and always full of adventure. We travel to all corners of the country and the globe, from the driest, hottest climates, to the freezing cold, and the downright humid.

Emma is on her own when it comes to ensuring she is TV ready in every condition. Image via @emma_freedman


One thing is nearly certain every single day; we will be outside (except for those ‘special grown up days’ when we might be previewing a fancy exhibition at a museum or perhaps baking cookies at a patisserie - SO adult).

In my job, you don’t have the help of a makeup artist or hairdresser - you are on your own to make yourself look A-ok for TV land. Which I quite enjoy mostly. I am not a makeup artist, but I have made my mug up that many times I have a fair idea about what’s going on.

Emma's beauty kit is prepared for all conditions including swimming with baby seals (aww). Image via @emma_freedman


Ok I’m demanding respect that I don’t deserve. Soz. So what’s a gal to do when you’re out in the teeming rain for hours on end with a dodgy umbrella and less than cooperative locks? Or when puppies want to lick your face on national tellie and consequently licks off all your makeup?


I bring you my fave products that will endure a freakishly large East Coast Low and kick the ass of 100km winds. I can’t promise they will be puppy proof, but they’ll give that a red hot go, too.

Lets start with hair:

My friends are hair elastics and blonde bobby pins. They are my heaven. I often tie my hair back in a ponytail for a few different reasons.

One - I don’t have time to look in a mirror throughout the morning to check that my centre part is still somewhat centred. Two - I don’t like the taste of my own hair.

Three - I have quite a small face and it looks “better” with my “hair off my face” (how many times my mother has told me this over the years, I have lost count, but I will reluctantly agree with her). Four - I’m lazy. But what about products?

On to makeup:

I admit - I am a product junkie. Aren’t we all? No? Ok just me? Right well, good for you. My makeup routine for on air is fairly simple and quick. I need my features to be more defined so I contour my face with bronzer and do the same with my eyes.

But I really can’t be arsed getting up earlier than I have to to put on my war paint. I need easy to apply, long lasting products. Unfortunately, being out in the elements, sometimes the desired affect is hard to achieve because the light and angles are so variable.

But these are my tried and tested and work the best in many a condition.

What are your go-to products for when you need to get ready for a day outdoors?