Kickass interpreter raps Eminem lyrics in sign language. The results are legendary.

Officially the best thing to ever happen to an Eminem song.

Meet Shelby Mitchusson. She is an American Sign Language interpreter and soon to be your new hero. Last year, Mitchusson recorded herself signing to Eminem’s hit song Lose Yourself, as an submission to be part of the interpreting team at Austin City Limits, a musical festival held in Texas, USA.

Shelby signing Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’

For some reason, it has taken until now for this incredible video to go viral.

“I got the gig,” said Mitchusson, who never intended for the clip to be so popular. “Still my heart flutters with how well our team worked together equally and the fact that finally these companies are opening their eyes to the true hidden gem talent of Deaf performers & Deaf people signing music — which we NEED to see more of!” Too right.

Mitchusson proves that sign language can be as passionate and emotional as any form of communication, and also she kind of looks like a total badass. You can check out the awesome performance below. (Post continues after video)

Eminem Lose Yourself ASL (American Sign Langauge) has over 1.3 million views on YouTube, and the rate at which it has taken off is further indication of music fans, and the music industry’s willingness to support deaf and hearing impaired people.

As Hello Giggles reports, at Lolapalooza in 2014, professional interpreter Amber Galloway Gallego’s translated rapper Kendrick Lamar’s F**cking Problems. Also, in her video for Soon We’ll Be FoundAussie superstar Sia signs her lyrics in ASL, although in Australia, the language is a little bit different.

Here in Austalian we use AUSLAN (Australian Sign Language). Take a look at this beautiful AUSLAN translation of Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars by Victorian brothers M-J Productions:

Mitchusson only has three videos on her YouTube channel at the moment, but I’ve a feeling she’s going to be bombarded until she loads some more. She posted in her comments recently, “Hey everyone. So sorry it has taken me awhile to comment back, I still am figuring out YouTube haha! – thank you all for all your feedback & support. :) I have been very busy in my personal life but I am going to upload more videos soon. I have a deep love for interpreting music and would love to share more as I am always interpreting music. As always your feedback is wanted (Deaf people/ASL users/ASL Interpreters)! Again, thank you all – I’ll upload more soon.”

You better, Shelby. We’ll be waiting.

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