A Home And Away legend has had her baby.

“Marilyn” is a mum.

Home and Away stalwart Emily Symons has given birth to her first baby, a boy, at age 45.

A statement released by the actresses’ agent confirmed she and her partner became parents today.

“Emily Symons and Paul Jackson welcomed a beautiful little boy into the world,” the statement said, according to the Daily Mail.

“Mother and baby are both doing well.”

Marilyn and Alf (Emily Symons with co-star Ray Meagher). Image via Instagram.

We’re yet to see a photo and there’s no word on a name yet – but our money is on Alf.

Congratulations to the new parents on their happy news.

Mamamia previously wrote:

Emily Symons, 45, is due to give birth to her very first baby in August and is so overwhelmed by that fact that she cries at each and every scan.

And the emotional expectant mum has now told a magazine that her baby is a boy.

Emily, whose character Marilyn Chambers (nee Bryant, nee Fisher) is a Home and Away institution (she’s been in the Bay, on and off, for 26 years), had begun to accept she wasn’t going to be able to have children after years of failed IVF treatment.

“I very much thought it couldn’t happen and I was too old,” Symons told the Daily Telegraph.

Emily Symons with Home and Away co-star Ray Meagher. Image via Instagram.

Now, she’s told New Idea that she’s preparing to welcome a baby boy, and describes her pregnancy as a “miracle”.

“I thought it would be impossible but it isn’t. I’d given up really, I thought I had tried every avenue that was available to us. My advice is to not give up if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the whole process.”

She and her partner Paul Jackson had gone through cycle after cycle of IVF in the hope of conceiving.


She even had to make a mad dash on foot through traffic to get her fertility drugs in time.

Emily Symons with pop star Ed Sheeran, who made an appearance in Summer Bay earlier this year. Image via Instagram.

“I had to have an injection before 1pm or that IVF cycle would have been for nothing,” Symons told New Idea.

“But the traffic was so heavy, I thought we’d never make it to the clinic in time… In the end, I had to get out of the car and run as fast as I could through Sydney CBD.”

Symons is just one of a crop of older women who have had successful pregnancies recently, including 49-year-old Sonia Kruger, who gave birth to baby Maggie in January, Halle Berry who gave birth to her son Maceo at 47 and Gwen Stefani who had third son Apollo at 44.

Sonia Kruger introducing her baby girl Maggie to Today audiences.

It’s worth noting, though, that these women have the time, money and access to IVF treatment and specialists that most of us don’t. Sonia Kruger’s daughter was born thanks to a donor egg from a close friend.

‘‘I wanted to be really clear today on the show with our viewers and let everybody know that I did go through IVF and I did have an egg donor,” she said when she announced her pregnancy.

‘‘When you get to my age, to use your own eggs to have a baby, you’re not really going to be successful – I mean the odds are sort of one in a million… I have a very good friend who basically gave me an egg and that’s how this pregnancy came about.’’

Celebrities who gave birth after 40… Post continues after gallery.

Symons described her own process as “gruelling” and “soul-destroying”.

“I just can’t believe it! When you see those arms and legs move for the first time, it’s astonishing. I’m weeping away, you know. I’m going to be one of those mothers who’s always sobbing at the school gate!” she told New Idea.

Congrats, Marilyn Emily!

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