Is this new cult cream worth the hype? 3 women tried the viral Embryolisse Rose Glow.

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I am a serial multi-tasker, so I love it when my products are too. 

Any products that adopt a “two birds, one stone” mentality; a mantra that any busy person, especially me, a single mum, lives by; will always grab my attention.

Naturally, when I saw that Embryolisse was releasing a new 2-in-1 multitasking product, the Rose Glow - Radiant Complexion Cream, I knew I had to give it a whirl.

So, what makes their Rose Glow Cream a multi-tasker’s dream product?

It's packed full of carefully selected ingredients, thanks to the dermatologists who helped create it, which ensures your skin is hydrated while giving you a natural healthy blush-like "rose glow". 

This rose glow makes this cream the perfect product to wear alone as “just” a moisturiser or as a makeup base. I can see why makeup artists recommend it!

The combination of silk tree extract, an antioxidant that detoxifies the skin cells and stimulates micro-circulation, and hyaluronic acid means that this hard-working cream keeps the skin plump and hydrated while helping to erase signs of skin fatigue by reducing dark circles and puffiness. 

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The Rose Glow Cream’s universal pink shade has a 96 per cent natural formula, developed from rose pigment and illuminating pearls.

But the real question is, does it live up to the hype?

Margaret, 32. 

I won't lie, when I opened up the Rose Glow Cream and saw just how pink it was, I was worried how true the universally pink shade claim was and how it would go on my Asian skin tone. 

We’ve all been there, where we’ve used the wrong shade of tinted moisturiser and it either had us looking like an oompa-loompa or like we were deathly sick.

I applied it like I would any other moisturiser, all over, including the eye area, and within seconds of applying it I saw how beautifully it absorbed and blended in, which surprised me two-fold considering how thick the consistency is. I learnt very quickly, the rose glow is REAL.

Now, I will say, you don’t need to slather yourself to achieve that dreamy rose glow. I was definitely heavy handed in my first application, but even then, it gave me a beautiful glow – perfect for them no makeup days where you just want a little something-something.


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I’ve also been using it as part of my makeup arsenal, replacing my primer. My foundation sits on it perfectly, and that rose glow subtly sings through, elevating my makeup.

Embryolisse’s Rose Glow Cream is a multi-tasker’s dream product and has definitely found its place permanently as my daily no-make up moisturiser and as my primer.


Teresa, 52. 

I recently disrupted my skin barrier and had to wind back on all the products I usually use and introduce something that was both gentle and super hydrating to my skin to deal with its anger issues. The problem here is that I like to both hydrate and illuminate my face in some way. 

The Embryolisse Rose Glow Cream really came along at the right time and stepped up to the task.

I was initially thrown by how thick it was and it looks like it should be a cream mask. Don’t be fooled. 

This rich, pink emollient product soaked into my skin so smoothly, like silk and really made it feel plush and plump.

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It contains rose pigment and illuminating pearls, both of which I love for their ability to not only make your skin appear as if it has a blush of youth but for also diffusing fine lines and wrinkles with its luminance. As we get older and lose elasticity and moisture, we really need to look for products that help with both.

Your skin immediately feels hydrated upon application and you can see a difference to the texture of your skin. 

As with a lot of Embryolisse products – if you know you know – this pulls double duty and can be used as a primer under makeup allowing an added glow to your appearance that does actually show through on your finished makeup looks.

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This brand has been a cult favourite with makeup artists and those in the know for years and in fact it's been sitting front and centre on my makeup table since I picked it up. 

This made my skin bounce back from its recent troubles super fast and has left it feeling super silky.

Anisha, 25.

It’s not easy to create a product that fits so seamlessly into your skincare and makeup routine, but Embryolisse has done it. 

Their brand new Rose Glow Cream is unlike any hybrid product I’ve tried before and has definitely earned its position in both of my routines as I’m sure it will yours. 

The cream itself has a mousse-like consistency and is silky smooth in texture.

It’s a thicker formula without feeling heavy on the skin and a little certainly goes a long way with this product. 

My favourite way to apply this cream is by applying a few swipes of the product across my cheeks and forehead and then gently massaging it in using circular motions. 

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The dusty rose-coloured cream instantly melts into my skin and leaves me with a beautiful, fresh glow with a slightly pink hue which works to bring back a vibrancy to my skin that I haven’t seen a product do in this way before.  

Seriously. When your skin hits the sunlight, you can literally see it shimmer. 

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Embryolisse’s Rose Glow Cream is such a versatile product and can be used for all skin types, day and night. 

I’ve especially loved applying it as my PM moisturiser right before bed so I can wake up with my skin feeling soft, hydrated and pampered. Talk about beauty sleep. 

I’ve also found that it easily doubles as a base cream before applying makeup and works perfectly to marry products together for the ultimate natural glowy makeup look.

Shop Embryolisse's new 2-in-1 cult multi-tasking product, Rose Glow - Radiant Complexion Cream.   

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