Women share their most embarrassing sex moments.

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Sex is widely thought of as a romantic, beautiful thing.

This is until you’ve actually done it. Then you realise that it’s actually a minefield of potentially embarrassing events.

This was the case for six women who bravely admitted to the moments their sexual encounters didn’t go so smoothly. Well, they bravely admitted to them completely and utterly anonymously.

For these women, their sexual experiences ranged from peeing on the bed while having sex, to ‘fanny farting’.


embarrassing sex stories
Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City gets it. Source: Youtube/tahneecain

It makes sense that sex should be a bit awkward. Of course: you’re naked, there’s a lot of movement, and a lot of sounds.

Nonetheless, knowing that things are bound to go wrong when having sex doesn’t necessarily make it any easier when they do.

For this reason, you can take comfort in these stories the next time things don’t quite go to plan.

You’re welcome.

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