It's only been six weeks, but Em Rusciano has tried to quit her new radio job twice.

Breakfast radio host Em Rusciano tried to quit her job twice last week, she told television presenter FiFi Box during a special International Women’s Day radio segment this morning.

“Last week, I quit my job twice. This [job],” Rusciano, 38, said on 2DayFM’s Hit Network this morning . “I was so upset. I was working both ends of the day. I was doing stand-up comedy. I was doing radio.”

The comedian, author, singer and radio presenter joined 2DayFM in late January with The Em Rusciano Radio Show with Harley Breen. The pair has replaced Rove McManus and Sam Frost on the morning segment.

Em talks all about her demons, her foibles, her guts and determination, and mostly, her heart on her sleeve. Post continues below.

Rusciano has said previously that she initially turned down the offer to host the breakfast show.

“I said I don’t think I can do it and I don’t want to go crazy again,” the mother-of-two told news.com.au in January.

It was Hit Network’s Head of Content Gemma Fordham who convinced Rusciano to give it a go.

“She said, ‘You owe it to the women of Australia and your daughters to have your voice loudly heard and I’m going to give you the platform. You’ve got important things to say’,” Rusciano said.

Fordham is still a believer.

“Yes, she did call me to quit,” Fordham told news.com.au today, following Rusciano’s admission .“I, of course, said no”.

“She was in a bit of an emotional state and there were quite a few tears. The thing with Em and the reason I love her so much is because she puts her all into everything. She also takes on so much and that’s what got her to that melting down point last week,” Fordham continued.

“She just felt like she was being pulled in so many different directions. We had a long chat about that and about how she has to not be so hard on herself and she has to start saying no to things in order to have the mental capacity to be able to commit to doing breakfast radio.”

We, for one, are glad she’s still on radio!