Rob Mills gave Em Rusciano an amazing gift when she was broke.

Comedian and writer Em Rusciano has revealed the true extent of her friendship with fellow Australian Idol contestant Rob Mills (yes, in case you forgot, Em placed ninth on the second season of the show in 2004).

Speaking to Rob on her radio show on Sunday night, Rusciano told listeners that Rob ‘Millsy’ Mills once paid $16,000 worth of her bills.

“The misconception about you is that you’re a bit of a dick…” began Em, before revealing she wanted to let Australia know “about an amazing thing you did for me”.

Em shared the touching story on her popular radio show. Image via Instagram.

"When I was very much down and out - I’d lost my job in radio, my husband and I had split up, I’d moved in with my parents, I had no money in the bank - I found myself out front of your house, spread eagle on the footpath sobbing," she said.

"I was laying out front of your house crying and you kind of carried me inside and said, 'What’s wrong?' and I just spewed everything out.

"I said, 'I owe money everywhere, they’re going to take my car, I can’t pay the girls’ school fees, I’ve got no money'."

After hearing about his friend's financial struggles, the singer offered to pay all of her bills.

It's been waaaay too long. @emrusciano thanks for the chats.

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"What are you going to do? The kids are not going to go to school, you’re going to lose your car which you need to get around. I looked at you not just as a good mate, but as a good investment," Mills laughed of his decision.

"I just know that you needed help, and if I was in the same situation you would be like, ‘Yep, absolutely’. That’s what friends do. Money is just money, it comes and it goes," he continued.

Em revealed that her friend's generosity was a "real turning point" for her, and his help propelled her to get back on even ground.

"You still put money in my account each week until I got a job, and I think that it's really important that everyone knows that about you," she said.

Oh, Millsy, you truly are the unexpected hero of Australian Idol.

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