Radio host Em Rusciano had her eyebrows permanently tattooed and they're incredible.

Comedian Em Rusciano is no stranger to body art, but her latest tattoo might be her most prominent one yet.

“Sydney, yesterday I got a face tatt!” Rusciano announced on The Em Rusciano Radio Show with Harley Breen this morning. “Two face tatts!”

The Today FM radio host then went on to explain that the tattoos in question were from a technique called eyebrow feathering, during which small lines that resemble hairs are drawn amongst the natural eyebrow hair. The goal is to make eyebrows appear fuller and more even.

In short, it gives you permanent #browsonfleek without hours in front of mirror and tonnes of brow gel.

The 37-year-old explained that her natural eyebrows never recovered from some overly enthusiastic grooming in the 1990s.

“In the late ’90s, I took to my eyebrows with some tweezers and I didn’t stop and I plucked and I plucked and I plucked until I had two, thin, angry lines,” Rusciano said. “And I thought I looked amazing.”

“Then bushy brows came back and I could not grow them back.”

Em Rusciano is the latest public figure to try eyebrow feathering.(Getty)

The mother of two took to social media to keep her followers updated during the process on Thursday, sharing live updates on her Instagram story.

At the end of the process, Rusciano posted a photo collage of before and after photos. Her eyebrows appear fuller and more even after the feather tattooing.


Unfortuantely one of Rusciano's daughters does not approve of her Mum's new look.

"My 16 year old, who's a little mole, just sat there staring at them and said they're uneven," Rusciano complained on her radio show this morning.

While Rusciano is very happy with her new and improved eyebrows, she has a warning for young people who might be considering shaping their own eyebrows.


A rare 4 shot. Scotty was sacrificed because the 3 girls looked good. He was ok with that because: smart.

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"Little girls, if you're listening now and/or boys, do not change your brows," Rusciano said. "If you have one eyebrow, turn [it] into two...that's fine, but don't make them any thinner."

"Just work with what you've got."

Well said, Em.