Let's stop giving Cory Bernardi attention and airtime that he doesn't deserve.


Em Rusciano on Cory Bernadi



Liberal Seantor’s Cory Bernardi’s website says:  “Cory Bernardi – Common sense lives here.”

No. It doesn’t.

Common sense obviously forgot to pay the rent and was evicted to live on the mean streets while new tenants moved in with the sole purpose of hi-jacking polarising public issues with questionable statements for attention.

Yesterday there was a shit storm over his thoughts on abortion, expressed in his new page turner “The Conservative Revolution”.

Outrage spewed  from all fractions of the media, politics and the general public. When I heard about his comments I thought – Bernadi, you’ve done it again.

The easy route for me here would’ve been to spend 500 words tearing Cory Bernardi several new orifices, it could have been a thesis on name calling and I certainly would have felt better as would a lot of single Mothers, gay and lesbian couples, women, environmentalists and those of the Muslim faith.

Cory Bernardi is a professional pot stirrer, plain and simple. He throws a grenade and then watches as we all gather around to condemn his views and point our morally superior fingers at him all the while whipping up public interest in the very thing we are denouncing.

We seek to distance ourselves from his comments and even demand that the Liberal party do the same.  The problem with all of this is that we don’t confront the ignorance, we fuel it with reactive outrage. What we resist, we assist.

‘The Conservative Revolution’ – Bernardi’s new book.

I wonder why he feels the need to say such things and what the relationship is with this behaviour and the Liberal party. Conspiracy theorists may say that Bernardi is a loud, offensive puppet used by the Libs to distract us from, oh I don’t know – them trying to sell off Australia Post or privatise Medicare?


To some, Cory Bernardi may come across as ignorant, misogynistic or bigoted but he’s certainly smart enough to know which issues to choose to get some media attention, and in this case, sell his book.

I feel as though I have a responsibility here and that is to mindfully observe my own, emotional reaction to this situation. Dissect my desire to join the digital lynch mob to condemn, judge and ridicule this person rather than being a part of the solution.

To test myself I wish to go back though his various “incidents” and have a crack at confronting them without attacking him.


In 2007 Cory wrote an essay questioning weather Global warming had been caused by human activity. Cory Bernardi is no climate scientist. FACT. The end.

In 2010 Cory wrote a blog calling for the Burqua to be banned, he wrote it was un-Australian, compromised some of the most important aspects of human communication and was a symbol of the repressive domination of men over women.

Surely forcing Muslim women to remove their Burquas would make our government no better than the governments in Iran and Sadi Arabia who force women to wear them.

In 2011 he declared a jihad on Islam. He said he didn’t have anything against Muslims, just Islam. That it was a totalitarian, political and religious ideology. I wonder if he understands that Islam is a Muslim person’s religious and cultural identity and one cannot be separated from the other?

The main reason he gave for his dislike of Islam was that he felt that the Islamic faith “tells people everything about how they need to conduct themselves, who they’re allowed to marry and how they’re allowed to treat other people.” Cory look at moi, look at moi, look at moi.. I’ve got one word for you Cory – THE BIBLE.


In 2012 Cory compared same sex marriage with bestiality, saying that it was a “Slippery slope, spiraling from Gay marriage, bestiality, polygamy and pedophilia.” This statement got him demoted from the front bench to waaaaay up the back where the leather on the benches is in untouched, pristine condition. Even Tony Abbott was all like “Bitch please! Check yourself before your wreck yourself.”

2013 – In his newly released book Cory states that he feels some women use abortion as “an abhorrent form of birth control” and branded those who advocate for abortion to be available as “pro-death”. He also said that he wanted the traditional family model to be restored to “prime position” over other family arrangements such as step families, same-sex and single families and couples with children born via surrogacy.

According to Bernardi, single mothers are responsible for higher levels of criminality and promiscuity in children.

“Why then the levels of criminality among boys and promiscuity among girls who are brought up in single-parent families, more often than not headed by a single mother?”

You got that single Mums, stop raising law breaking whores, ya hear?!

As someone who has spent time as a single Mother I can only say that my eldest child won a scholarship to a prestigious school, is a state level athlete and is kind to animals.

My youngest child knows all the words to Wicked the musical and can hit the top note in “Defying gravity”. His statement is proven wrong by the way I love and provide for my happy kids everyday (same goes for their Father) , that is enough for me.

Finally, the next time you hear or see a comment from this man, can we all agree to just shake our fists Seinfeld style (Newman) and say “Bernardi” through pursed lips and then let it go? Let us stop fueling this particular fire.

From….. NOW. Obviously you needed to read my words first.