Can slicked back wet hair ever work in real life?

Images: Getty.

Well, hello there Elsa Pataky.

The Spanish actress is suddenly on our radar after appearing at the Armani Privé fall/winter show with slicked backed wet hair. The mother-of-three (wait, she had twins? In March? Sheesh), and wife of Aussie Chris Hemsworth paired her greased-back pixie cut with minimal makeup and a matching dark red manicure and pedicure.

The wet-haired look has been trending on runways for several seasons now, but it takes a brave celebrity (or anyone, really) to attempt this five-days-after-washing style in real life.

She’s almost convinced us that we can skip the dry shampoo and try it ourselves. Almost.

If you are braver than us, and want to try this at home, a pomade like Kusco-Murphy’s Lavender Hair Creme, $24.95 will do the trick. This one is also water soluble, so if you do try it at home and decide against leaving the house you can remove it easily. Another hot tip: do not skimp on makeup when attempting the wet hair look, a pop of bright lipstick or cheek colour will help you avoid that I’ve-just-tried-every-drug-in-the-world pallor.

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Would you try this look at home?