What Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth's children think they do for work.

Their main reason for moving Down Under – to get their kids away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi – may not have been ideal, but two years on Elsa Pataky and husband Chris Hemsworth really do call Australia home.

But while they may both have seriously glam day jobs, the pair live a very down-to-earth life in Byron Bay.

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Don’t believe us? Just ask their children, India Rose, four, and twins Tristan and Sasha, three.


“My daughter asked me the other day ‘Are we farmers?’,” Pataky said at the L’Oreal Botanicals launch last week.

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“Because she sees me with the animals and cleaning the horses on the farm.”

After being announced as the Australian launch ambassador of the new nature-inspired haircare range, we spoke to the 40-year-old about beauty, life in Byron Bay and being kind to the environment.


You’ve lived in Australia for a few years now, what do you love most about it?

“Where we live is in nature and they can enjoy all the amazing nature in Australia and they can see a snake one day or the next they see a big spider in the wall and they’re not even scared. I think that’s something that I would have loved to have grown up with because I grew up in the city [in Spain] so it’s really special and important that I can give my kids that. And the sense of humour is very similar to the Spanish, they’re very friendly and open and they like to enjoy life as much as they can, so it makes me feel like home.”


What’s the best beauty trick you’ve learnt from the makeup artists you’ve worked with throughout your career?

“It’s funny because I didn’t use to appreciate how many tricks makeup artists can give to you because you don’t get taught them when you’re at home. So I try to teach my friends the basic tricks I’ve learned and I always try to tell them you don’t need to wear much. Three things that help you glow is a little bit of mascara, some blush for your cheeks and some moisturiser for your lips, then you’re done. You just need a little bit and it will make you feel really healthy.”

What’s your makeup routine like on your days off?

“I don’t wear any makeup at all. I just have a bit of mascara, bit of blush and that’s it. I’m very natural. I don’t have the time to do it anymore! As minimal as you can. I always go natural in my makeup.”


What attracted you to the L’Oreal Botanical range?

“I really love the products and it aligns with all my values in life right now, really important for me to work with a great company and all the ingredients are natural and botanical and sustainably grown, the packaging is recycled and recyclable.”

The new range. Image: La Tessa Photography.

How has becoming a parent changed your attitude and values in life?

"When you become a parent, everything changes. You realise more what you're eating, not just for you because you want the best for your kids. Before I would eat whatever but now I'm really careful about what I give them and what they use. I think it's the most important part when you are a mum and be aware of all these things and teach them. They do what they see.

"My daughter knows we have to take care of the water, the energy and recycling and doing something for the planet so we can enjoy planet earth."

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You're a very active person, does that mean you wash your hair everyday?

"Not every day because I don't have much time but it's a moment that I actually enjoy because it's my moment to take a little bit of time to take care of myself, a moment to relax, so it's a moment to enjoy. The scents of the products are amazing and now even when I come out of the shower the kids are like 'What's that smell, it smells so good', so I've even started giving them to them to try because they sometimes come in the shower with me and ask 'What are you using?' and India is asking me to try the treatments and masks so we put them on. They love it."

What are the three essential products you always travel with?

"Usually for my face I always use a moisturiser, a cleanser and I always have sunscreen with me. I use La Roche Posay products and then for my hair, I always try to travel with the mini versions of the products I like because you don't know what they're going to have."

What's the one piece of beauty wisdom you want your daughters (or your children) to know?

"Just to be yourself and be happy with who you are. Now kids are faced with so much media and social media and they look at all these people and try to be them. It's such a not natural way of growing up you know, trying to be someone who is not even real. Make the best of what you have and who you are and enjoy that."