For the first time in a decade, Barbie is not the most popular Christmas gift for girls.




Prepare yourself, Barbie. This is going to hurt: You are no longer the top of the Christmas wish-list for little girls.

You have been replaced. She’s also blonde, she’s also blue-eyed, but there’s a big difference.

She freezes stuff. And little girls like that, evidently.

That’s right, Elsa from Frozen has knocked Barbie down a peg.  A survey by the National Retail Federation (the biggest retail-survey-people in the world) has found that one in five parents plan to buy Frozen merchandise for their daughters this Christmas (we mean… Santa will do that… *cough*…).

Only 16.8 percent plan on placing Barbie under the Christmas tree. That’s the first time in 11 years she hasn’t been at the top of the list. You okay, Barbs?

Even a year after it’s release, Frozen is making Disney a whole lot of money. It’s earned more than a billion at the box office, and merchandise sales don’t look to be stopping any time soon.

Unlike Barbie, who has had a 21 percent drop in the third quarter, as reported by her maker Mattel Inc.

It’s okay, Barbie. Let it go. The cold doesn’t bother you anyway.