FLUFF: This girl looks EXACTLY like Elsa from Frozen.

We’ve found a real life human who looks exactly like Elsa from Frozen.


It’s almost as though Disney producers based their sketches on 18-year-old American model Anna Faith’s face.

Just. Look:

To be completely fair…. Put any pretty girl with platinum blonde hair in an Elsa-from-Frozen dress with pink eyeshadow and a Katniss braid and you’ve got yourself an Elsa lookalike.

But this Anna’s a smart kid, and she’s started her own lookalike business. So she sings, she visits kids on their birthday, and she makes money out of looking like Elsa from Frozen. She’s even got a friend she ropes into dressing up as Elsa’s little sister Anna.

And here they are again:

Anna Faith’s got the Elsa eyebrow arch down to an art. We’ve heard she sings, too, which is lucky.

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