Elmo has taken on the anti-vaxxers. And it's gold.

Sesame Street tackles the vaccination issue. Nails it.

One of your favourite childhood shows just created a segment to the importance of vaccinations, and it’s perfection.

In the video, created by Sesame Street in collaboration with U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and the Daily DotUS Surgeon General Vivek Murthy drops by to talk Elmo through his vaccinations.

Vivek Murthy explains vaccination to Elmo (Screenshot: YouTube/Daily Dot)

The furry red monster confesses he’s a “little nervous” about getting a shot and asks: “Why does Elmo need a vaccination anyway?”

Dr Murthy explains that vaccines protect against germs by helping to make antibodies — the body’s superheroes.

Watch the segment here:

“Do you carry an umbrella when it rains? Do you wear a helmet when you ride a tricycle?,” he asks. “Just like an umbrella protects you from the rain… a vaccine protects you from germs.”

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Elmo concedes that he doesn’t like being sick because then he can’t play outside for his friends. And while he’s scared, he decides to sing a little Taylor Swift to distract himself.

Elmo sings Shake It Off to distract himself from the jab. (Screenshot: YouTube/Daily Dot)

In the end, the Muppet is so busy singing Shake It Off that he doesn’t even notice the jab, and declares: “That was so easy! Why doesn’t everybody get a vaccination?”

In a subtle dig at anti-vaxxers, the surgeon-general responds: “That’s a good question, Elmo. That’s a good question.”

Elmo is also delighted to receive a decorative Band-Aid on his furry little arm.

Elmo even gets a little Muppet-sized Band-Aid.  (Screenshot: YouTube/Daily Dot)

In the US, where the segment was made, measles has been spreading for months following an outbreak at Disneyland.

In Australia too, ‘conscientious objectors’ — who oppose vaccinations on the basis of the discredited myth that vaccines can be harmful or cause autism — continue to place other children at risk in areas ranging from Mullumbimby and Mosman in New South Wales, to St Kilda and North Fitzroy in Melbourne, to the Adelaide Hills in South Australia.

So this segment is not only cute, but shareable and timely.

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Well played, Sesame Street. Well played.

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Save the Date to Vaccinate is an initiative from NSW Health to remind parents of the importance of on-time vaccinations for children. Visit to download the free ‘Save the Date’ phone app.