Autopsy shows the final moments of young Melbourne traveller Elly Warren in Mozambique.

An autopsy has confirmed Victorian traveller Elly Warren was murdered while on a diving holiday in Mozambique, News Corp reports.

Ms Warren, of Mordialloc in Melbourne’s southeast, was found dead near a toilet block at Tofo beach on November 10. Early reports from local police alleged their investigations came to the conclusion the 20-year-old did not meet with foul play.

Local authorities believed Ms Warren collapsed onto the sand and died of asphyxiation while on the volunteer and diving trip.

However, the results of an autopsy conducted by well-known Johannesburg pathologist Dr Patricia Klepp, released to News Corp, contradict this.

They claim Ms Warren was murdered while travelling overseas, with her facial injuries suggesting she was held face down in the sand resulting in her death.

Speaking to News Corp about the report’s findings, Ms Warren’s father Paul Warren said the autopsy clearly showed his daughter met with foul play.

“Dr Klepp told me she was very surprised to see how much sand was still in Elly’s mouth, through both bronchi tubes leading to her lungs,” Mr Warren said.

“Any qualified doctor knows that this was not an accidental death. She was murdered.”

The results also found no drugs in her system, nor signs of rape or sexual assault, despite early media reports believing this could be the case.


It is understood Ms Warren was out with friends from her diving group before deciding to go Victor’s Bar at Tofo Beach on the night she died. From there, it is believed she left the bar to go to a nearby toilet where was subsequently attacked.

Mr Warren fears the “Mozambique police are covering things up to save their tourism”.

His comments on the South African autopsy results comes after The Weekend Australian reported on Saturday the autopsy instead shows Ms. Warren did not meet a violent end.

However, Mr Warren rubbished the reports on Facebook.

Elly Warren. Image: Facebook.

"Today a story was published in The Weekend Australian," he wrote.

"Most of what he has said is bullsh*t. I total [sic] agree with the autopsy from South Africa/ Johannesburg. It just goes to show you how wrong they can get it. As much as it pains me to say this Elly died a violent death."

Mr Warren told 7 News in November his daughter did have reservations about the safety of the places she would be visiting overseas.

"It's dangerous Dad, I don't know if I should be going over there," she told her father before she died.

Ms Warren was due to return to Australia just days after she died.

Another autopsy has been conducted in Victoria and the results will be released in January.