The best of Ellen's pranks.

Ellen. Queen of Pranks.





Here at Mamamia, we’re pretty big Ellen fans.

We love the way she dances. We love the guests she has on the show (although, Sophia Grace and Rosie tend to get a mixed reaction in the office.) And, above all else, we love her pranks. She’s our prank spirit guide.

But there’s one problem with The Ellen Show.

It doesn’t air on weekends.

However, we think we’ve come up with the perfect solution to this two day Degeneres deficit: a page full of Ellen’s best pranks.

You’re welcome.

The Scare Prank:

With a degree of difficulty low enough that it can be managed by most four-year-olds, but a level of satisfaction that never gets old, the ‘Scare’ is a classic prank. The premise is simple:

1) You hide.

2) Your target enters.

3) You scare them.

4) Hilarity ensues.

Regardless of how easy this prank is to pull off, by performing it on celebrities backstage at her show Ellen adds an extra level of difficulty that makes her the Scare Champion.

For a textbook example, look no further than Ellen scaring Katie Holmes:

But, for the ultimate demonstration of Ellen’s scaring capabilities, you have to watch this video of her scaring Taylor Swift:

The Earpiece Prank:

Even though she sometimes scares them, celebrities love Ellen. So much so, that they are willing to put an earpiece in, go to a random public place, and obey her every command.


The master of the genre is Dennis Quaid. But, beware, after watching this you may never be able to watch one of his films without announcing: “Dennis Quaid is here!”

Jennifer Aniston also did a pretty good job when she appeared on the show last year:

And we couldn’t forget about Sofia Vergara. Bless:

The Replica Prank:

Ellen is a woman of the interwebs. She’s always scouring the net for the next big thing to be featured on her show. And pranks are no exception. If Ellen happens to stumble across your Youtube prank, her golden hand might just pluck you from your online obscurity and bring you onto her show to demonstrate how real pranking is done.

That was exactly what happened to Rahat, who made a Youtube clip showing a particularly impressive prank he performed on his local McDonalds’ Drive Thru. Watch his ingenious pranking on The Ellen Show here:

The Sloth Prank:

To understand this prank you need to understand one thing: actress Kristen Bell is nuts about sloths. She’s actually bananas for them. In fact, she just loves those little lazy mammals so damn much that the thought of one being in her presence can send her into a euphoric panic attack.

So, when Ellen told her that they had a sloth backstage, it’s needless to say that her reaction was pretty priceless.

You could skip to 3:00 to see the prank, or you could just watch the whole thing because it WILL be the funniest thing you’ve seen all day:

Are you an Ellen fan? What is your top Ellen prank?