Ellen DeGeneres schools an audience member after she catches her stealing.

We all LOVE free stuff.

But freebies can make even the most level-headed people go a little bit crazy.


Before one of her recent shows, Ellen DeGeneres told her audience members they could take one thing from her gift shop for free. For FREEEEEEEEEEE.

Then she planted a hidden camera to see what would happen.

Reporting back on her little social experiment, Ellen said most people were honest and very carefully chose their one item.

ellen schools audience member
Nancy and the free stuff. Image via Ellen.

"I just wanted to see how honest my audience was," she said. "It turns out you're very, very honest. But we set up hidden cameras just to make sure."

But one audience member, well, got a tad excited.

It turns out Nancy (pictured in the yellow top) couldn't help herself when she came across the free table and the camera caught her not so sneakily stockpiling the freebies.

At one point her friend asks if she's taking "more stuff" and Nancy replies ""Shhh. No. Shut up," before grabbing a few more things and moving away from the table.

And just when you think it's over, Nancy comes back to the table a few minutes later, exchanging one of her FREE mugs for a FREE hat instead.

When Ellen calls her out on the show, Nancy said she wanted to get something for her sister who couldn't attend the show, and Ellen replied: "Well, there were a lot of sisters that couldn't come".

Nancy in the audience. Image via Ellen.

The 49-year-old host then made Nancy go sit in 'Ellen jail' to think about what she'd done.

"Let that be a lesson to you," she told Nancy. "You think nobody's watching you, and you just need to be a good person…You go sit in that Ellen chair right now."

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Oh Nancy, we've all been there.

The moral of the story? Always look for the hidden camera.