The awkward moment Ellen completely forgot Katy Perry was once married.

While Katy Perry has taken some time out of the spotlight recently, the 32-year-old appeared on The Ellen Show on Tuesday in her first televised interview since the release of her new album, ‘Witness’.

The chat included topics such as Perry’s new haircut (apparently it’s was a practical move after too much bleach started to damage her hair), and her “sexually empowered and liberated” clip for her album’s first single, ‘Bon Appetit’.

But, as always, Ellen wanted to play a game with Perry, creatively titled, ‘Will You Perry Me?’

The game, of course, was a Katy Perry-themed version of ‘Would You Rather,’ where Ellen asks guests to choose who they’d date (sleep with? Kiss? It’s not entirely clear) out of two celebrities. But before the game could begin, Perry made a joke about having to get married “again,” that went completely over Ellen’s head.

When introduced to the challenge, Perry groaned, “Do I have to get married…AGAIN?!” and Ellen just looked… blank.

Image via Ellen Tube.

She smiled and said, "you were not married," to which Perry replied, "I was, when I was 25. Yeah, it's been a long time, honey".

For Ellen, it still didn't click. "To who?" she asked, forcing Perry to explain, "His name is Russell Brand".

Making the entire situation even more awkward, Perry reminded the host of the time "you gave me some wedding gifts on this show".

Yeahhhhh, no one wants to have to jog their interviewer's memory when it comes to their short-lived marriage - which, according to the very reliable documentary Katy Perry: Part of Me, tore the performer to shreds.

This is why you don't play 'Would You Rather' with celebrities.

Although, if you're interested, Katy Perry's a massive Leonardo DiCaprio fan.

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