Ellen takes a long-winded phone call from Adele. And Drake. And Lionel Richie.

Ellen DeGeneres has perfected the art of poking fun.

Ellen is without malice but always with much mischief.

British sad-song singer Adele released her new song, an event that understandably, Ellen didn’t let pass by unremarked.

In honour of Adele’s much remarked upon flip phone, Ellen, grasping a huge brick of a mobile phone that’s likely on loan from the Smithsonian, took a call in a skit on her show.

Video via Warner Bros.

“Hello?” Adele sang.

Adele’s call with Ellen was interrupted by some telltale Hotline Bling — Drake on the other line.

“She talks so slowly,” Ellen complained of Adele.

Ellen’s telecommunications were wrapped up by another phone call: the original phone-call-music-video creator, Lionel Richie.

“Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?” he sings.


Tenuously related information: if you watch Lionel Richie’s video for Hello without any of the words except for “hello”, hilarity ensues.

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