Elle Macpherson developed a protein supplement to get her son off junk food.

Businesswoman and supermodel, Elle Macpherson, says a “healthy chocolate drink” she launched has helped her son avoid sugar hits.

Macpherson’s says her WelleCo protein powder helped her son, Aurelius Cy Busson (Cy), avoid junk food.

“When we moved to America two years ago, Cy, who is now 14, started eating lunch from the school canteen, instead of the home-packed lunch he used to have in the UK,” Macpherson told  Victoria Hall from The Telegraph.

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“He would choose empty carbs at school and come home starving. To fill the gap between school and dinner, he craved sugary snacks.”

The Australian born model told The Telegraph she was inspired to make something for kids in her supplement product line from concern over her son’s junk food cravings.

Now Cy promotes the “healthy chocolate” product that costs $34 for a 500g.

The website markets the supplement to children “who have a sweet tooth, are fussy eaters or kids with poor concentration or are always sick”.

However, Australian paediatric and maternal dietitian, Kathleen Perrone, says children “don’t need expensive protein supplements”.

“Most children in Australia meet or exceed their protein requirements without any supplements,” she says.

“Children can get all their nutritional needs met by eating a normal healthy diet. Even children that are fussy or don’t have a great variety in their diet generally meet their nutritional needs and grow well.”

The dietitian warns that teaching children that this sort of supplement is healthy, clean and organic is setting them up  for “diet talk” early in life – which she says can be detrimental long term to child’s body confidence.


“Often if supplements are used it means that a child’s diet can become more restricted,” says Perrone.

“When parents are concerned about fussy eating – they often turn to supplements like this to get the ‘nutrition into their child’ but long term this doesn’t teach children to eat normal foods.

“If they are eating a special drink just for them it also means they won’t be eating with their family which evidence shows is so important for children.”

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The product’s website says young fussy eaters “don’t want meat. It’s a fight to have a bite of broccoli, but Perrone warns children need to learn to eat or enjoy a variety of food.

Dr Simone Laubscher, who formulated the supplement with Macpherson, told Mamamia she thought thought about everything kids need in a healthy snack.

“If [kids] are having a diet too high in carbs and sugar and too low in protein, then they are going to have mood swings and tantrums,” she said.

“I thought about what kids with low immunity, the ones with rolling colds, what they would need. I also considered how delicate some kids digestive systems are.

“Heavy animal proteins can be hard on the digestive system and so a light plant-based hormone free protein was best,” Dr Laubscher added.

A spokesperson for WelleCo said the drink is a “nourishing protein” rather than a supplement.

“It is a healthy all natural snack. We see our kids drink as a protein rich, alternative to the ‘other’ kid’s chocolate drinks that are nearly 45% sugar,” said the spokesperson.

“Super Elixir Kids is a great alternative for after school snacks, sports or added to breakfast smoothies.”


Macpherson, 52, is said to avoid sugar, red meat, wheat, dairy, sugar and processed foods by following The Alkaline Diet.

The adult line in her supplement range, ‘The Super Elixir’. has been praised by fellow supermodel, Kate Moss.

THE HEALTHY CHOCOLATE DRINK | How does Cy, 13 and part of our @superelixir kids tasting committee SUPER ELIXIR? With this special ‘nice-cream’ recipe: 2 frozen bananas, dash of rice milk and 1 scoop of Super Kids Nourishing Protein ???? ???????? Dr Laubscher designed super kids nourishing protein as a nutritious snack ????♀️ a clean source of organic plant protein that is free from oestrogen ???????? free from whey and dairy for optimal digestion ????♀️ probiotics for healthy gut function ???????? essential vitamins and minerals from natural plant sources ????♀️ protein to prevent blood sugar fluctuations and sugar cravings ???????? and a healthy dose of fruit and veggies hidden in a delicious chocolate flavour – so even the fussy eaters will love it Shipping globally from WelleCo.com ???? #superkids #superelixir #kids#wellness #organic #plantbased #australia #coolkids #thekidsarealright #solution #ellemacpherson #madeinaustralia photo @bushandocean

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Kathleen Perrone is a paediatric and maternal dietitian (APD) from Healthy Start Nutrition and strongly encourage parents to follow the ‘Division of Responsibility in Feeding‘.

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