Elizabeth Gilbert: How to live a creative life without quitting your job.


When was the last time you felt truly inspired, light and free?

Writer and novelist Elizabeth Gilbert says we all have a creative genius in us — whether it’s baking, writing a blog, ice skating, making a quilt — but we just don’t embrace our creativity enough.

At 46, she has written six books including two novels, a biography, and her most notable work Eat Pray Love. Her seventh book Big Magic, which is released later this week, is about the flow of creative ideas and how everyone can find their inner artist and be enlightened by their own creativity.

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“I’m constantly encouraging people to live creative lives” she told Debrief Daily’s Editiorial Director Mia Freedman in the latest episode of the No Filter Podcast.

“But listen, I have one foot with the fairies – one part of me is very wild and creative and free- but the other foot is very firmly planted in the real world and knows that people have car payments and children and houses – so I’m always trying to help people find that middle way.”

That’s where Big Magic comes in.

The book encourages people, particularly women, to take up more creative space in the world – without quitting your day job.

“I think it’s possible to be responsible for our creativity – and resonsible for living in the real world” she continued. “For many years I was a bartender, a waitress, an au pair – I worked on a ranch – whatever work had to be done, so that my creativity could have a chance to not have to pay for my life.”

“I believe in magic, fairy dust, and hard work.”

Elizabeth’s new book Big Magic

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