Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert gained weight and her dress doesn't fit. Oh, well.

It’s the kind of blow that can take you from a good day to a shit one in 30 seconds.

Award-winning author Elizabeth Gilbert has coolly shrugged off the dilemma of no longer fitting into her specially made dress on the night of its intended debut.

Gilbert, 47, said she had planned to give a speech while wearing the couture gown but had unexpectedly gained weight in recent months.

“You put the dress on this evening and remember that you forgot that you gained twelve pounds in the last few months, and you can zip the dress up but you cannot breathe,” she said.

The Eat, Pray, Love writer told fans on Instagram she was faced with three options:

“1) Do you stuff yourself into the couture dress and hope nobody can notice your extreme discomfort and your slow suffocation?”

“2) Do you beat yourself up for gaining twelve pounds during a time of challenging life transformation?”

“3) Or do you change into a bigger f-cking dress, and be happy?”


Option three won out and left Gilbert standing proudly in her new choice.

Fans applauded the author for how well she navigated the decision.

“Be comfortably you! In heart, physicality and soul. No matter what the package comes in, your gift is great,” one fan said.

“Feeling beautiful comes from within. Screw the dress and wear something that fits, lets you breathe and you will feel beautiful,” another fan said.

The post has collected over 15,000 likes since it was posted and only continues to grow.

Let this be a reminder to us all: if it doesn’t fit, f-ck it.