Elizabeth Alex's photographs are dreamy, eclectic, and incredibly beautiful.

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To date, photographer Elizabeth Alex has had her work featured in the likes of  Tavi Gevinson’s Rookie Mag, fashion mag Nylon and creative magazine, Pony Anarchy. And for good reason, it’s youthful, bright and incredible intriguing.

Alex always knew she wanted to do something creative in the fashion industry, and she became interested in photography in high school after doing work experience in Visual Merchandising at Country Road.

“I got taken to a shoot that week and I remember thinking that the photographer looked like he was having the most fun. I took one of my parents film cameras and started shooting and I was hooked,” Alex says.

Image via Insatgram/@inthatsense

When it comes to initial ideas and development stages, Alex explains that she has a concrete process that she sticks to, which allows for a more fluid and instinctual method for the day of shooting.

“I start with colours and then make a soundtrack that helps determine the mood. Then I find reference images, followed by locations and then start organising people for the shoot from there. But when I’m actually shooting, it turns into an instinctual thing- I just go with my gut,”

“Photography can do almost anything you want it to. It tells people what you decide to tell them. I also love that all of these creative minds can come together (stylists, make up artists, hair stylists, models…) and as a photographer you can capture and help create a collaboration, within a image, of all of their ideas,” Alex explains.

Image via Insatgram/@inthatsense

Alex moved to Australia from the UK when she was 12-years-old, and this has not only shaped the lense through which she views the world, but has also influenced her unique approach to photography.

“I also travelled around Europe and lived in London for awhile, and that has been an influence too. When it comes to individual projects, I think feminism, colour and music all have a big effect on how I approach my work as they are the starting point of inspiration,” Alex explains.

“I think the times I consider to be highlights are mainly when I’ve produced work that I’m happy with or has been created from passion and times when I’ve been really inspired. When other people like it, and it gets shown around, it’s just a big juicy cherry on top,” Alex says.

Image via Insatgram/@inthatsense

Between freelancing and her personal projects, Alex is also currently in the process of creating a zine called 24, a collection of images about feminism and the transition from adolescence to adulthood.

You can find out more about Alex via her website, and also on Instagram.

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