We can all learn a few things from The Bachelor's Eliza.

It’s not often a contestant leaves a reality show, watches it back and says, “Yep, that’s me”.

But that’s exactly what The Bachelor‘s self-confessed “weirdo” Eliza St. John did.

“They portrayed me exactly as I am,” she told Kyle and Jackie O this morning, after her exit from the show last night.

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“You’ve got to celebrate who you are when you’re falling in love you’ve got to show that.”

The moment Richie and Eliza met. Before she burst into song. Source: Channel 10

And that's exactly what the 31-year-old actress and event co-coordinator did – from her opening song to the final rose.

We first met Eliza when she strolled up the driveway to meet her potential suitor armed with shoulder-pads, a sparkly belt and a song in her heart.


"Look at you, my heart beat is forever new. I bet your real romantic always ready for a laugh," she crooned at Richie, before doing a cheeky little twirl for the cameras.

Self-confessed weirdo Eliza St. John. Source: Facebook

Sure, it won't break the ARIA charts — and has, unfortunately, yet to be remixed hilariously on YouTube — but like Janey's Cinderella move, Noni's bacon tattoo and Vintaea's fantastically foul-mouthed ranting, it will be etched in our memories as one of the most unapologetically unique introductions from the season.

Last week, Eliza gracefully handled a stoush with the truly intimidating (but equally lovable) Keira.

She made some hilarious quips.

She called herself a "weirdo" no less than three times before gifting Richie a home-made blue velvet rose.

And now, she has admitted to being a little surprised when he didn't reciprocate with a red one.

"I was a bit like, 'Really? Now?', she told

"I was having so much fun with Richie and the whole experience that it was a strange feeling, it definitely came as a surprise.

"There were definite feelings there and he appeared as though he was embracing who I was."

But she's made her peace with it and, actually, has already met someone.

We chatted babies, bunk beds and blue roses with another former contestant on Bach Chat last night:

"He’s really lovely and he’s embracing all of the queen of cray and he’s great," she said.

"I’m crazy about him too."

So, you know what all of this has taught us? Be yourself, you f*cking weirdo.

And in the words of the "queen of cray" herself: Look after your hearts, beauties.