The Bachelor contestant who's a favourite to win, despite barely getting any airtime.

Excuse me, but I have spent a disgusting amount of time and energy watching and analysing The Bachelor this year and am generous enough to share my wisdom.

I found us a dark horse. (And when I say “I”, I mean “everyone else”, because all I did was look on Sportsbet and, well, that’s it.)

Want to know who?

Of course you do. You have less of a life than me. Maybe.

It’s this one:


She be the dark horse.

Despite the fact Channel 10 did not even air her red carpet arrival, and despite the fact she hasn't even come close to having a single date with Matty, old mate Elise's odds are sitting pretty at $6.50.

Meaning she's the third favourite. The only two with shorter odds are Laura and Lisa.

Do you know what that means? Of course you do.

Dark horse.

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The former Australian hockey player only really popped onto our screens on episode three of the reality TV show, prior to that she was given remarkably little airtime for someone who is clearly pinned to be one of The Bachelor's favourites.

So does it mean she will win?

Eh, probably not. I think most of us can agree that someone whose red carpet arrival wasn't given airtime can't win. But this girl still going far, perhaps top three, according to... me and my odds.

And now that's off my chest, I am going to retreat back into the depths of dating show analysis to change the world, one predication at a time.

Not all heroes wear capes etc.