BACH FLUFF: There's always one contestant who threatens to walk. Elise Stacy explains why.

It may have taken her dad playing wingman (not something anyone wants to admit) to make it happen, but The Bachelor contestant Elise Stacy is finally on Matty J’s radar and she’s blitzing up the favourite ranks.

This wasn’t always the case. In fact, the former professional hockey player almost walked out of the show earlier in the season.

It had been six weeks and she’d hardly had any one-on-one time with the man himself.

“I was, kind of, done,” Elise told News Corp. “You get to that point — and by this time it had been six weeks, and (I’d been) sitting around the house, not working, not getting any dates, where I was like ‘what’s the point?'”

No, Elise, no.

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It took a group date, in which Jen, Cobie, Elise and Simone all reunited with a family member, for Elise’s dad to put the pressure on and Matty J and he realised: “The more I think about it, Elise and I are just so similar.”

Then…. Last night there was a double decker bus and too-many views of Sydney and a bunch of flowers followed by an awkward hockey match in their first actual date, which led to Matty having yet another realisation: Elise has been a dark horse all along.

“When he said ‘Sorry I have overlooked you’, that caught me by surprise,” she told News Corp.

“I felt that he was very genuine. I was happy that he said; ‘This is where my head’s at’ because it could so easily have gone the other way.”

Most importantly, she’s thankful to her dad who’s come around drastically on this whole finding-love-in-a-television-show idea.

“I was so proud of my dad. I think I gave him a high five and said, ‘Good on you’,” Elise said. “Matty just needed a bit of a shake-up.”

Let’s not get toooo excited, however.

“When I said I was going to do The Bachelor dad freaked out, but now he’s his (Matty’s) number one fan,” Elise said.

“Now it’s like, ‘Matty, do you actually just want to hang out with Phil, or are you actually interested in me?'”

We, for one, are thankful you didn’t walk out Elise. Who else would have beaten Matty J on the hockey field?

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