PSA: Australia, this new 'poo-litical' party wants your vote.

Thanks to our brand partner, Metamucil


Fellow Australian voter, you might’ve noticed a smell in the air.

We’re being swamped with election coverage from all sides and we’re feeling a bit…fatigued. Apathetic. Pooped.

Good thing there’s a political party that understands our needs.

One that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but just seriously enough.

One that knows the importance of a good snag, but not the type that gets stuck along the way.

Direct from the toilet roll to the electoral roll, The Gut and Nugget Alliance stands for removing the constipation of Aussie politics, lessening the leadership spills and finally bringing a sense of regularity to our lives.

They are the “poo-litical party” you absolutely didn’t know you needed, but will be very glad you discovered after watching the following video by the poople, ahem, people at Metamucil.

Yes, this election is going to be a tight squeeze. The Gut and Nugget Alliance needs a strong push. The health of the nation is on the line.

Here is how to vote for “the turd we deserve”:

We don’t know about you but we really feel like a democracy sausage right now.

You may recognise these faces – and turd – from somewhere. In 2017, Metamucil dropped its first “poop romance” video When Nugget Met Metamucil.  Cleverly spoofing The Bachelor franchise, the ad has Nugget giving his rose to Ms Meta Mucil over Ms Connie Stipation. Poor Connie.


“I was not expecting this,” wrote one viewer. Another added: “This is somehow heartwarming and hilarious all at once.”

In 2018, their relationship hit a roadblock: digestive dreamboat Gutsy got in between them and made an even bigger splash with 3.6 million streams.

Blame it on the popularity of the turd emoji (I still have to explain to my dad it’s not an ice cream with eyes), our hunger for an unconventional love story (remember how much we all loved Rhonda and Ketut?) or just good ol’ toilet humour.

Somehow, this story has cut through the crap.

The Gut and Nugget Alliance’s latest political adventure should only solidify that. As the Gut and Nugget Alliance Campaign Manager Ms Meta Mucil says, “to vote for the Gut and Nugget Alliance, vote number two on your two-ply ballot paper”. Aka, drink Metamucil daily to get enough fibre, stay regular and help keep your gut healthy.

It really does give new meaning to running for office, doesn’t it?

Happy election, ‘Straya. Trust your guts.

This content was brought to you with thanks by our brand partner, Metamucil.

*No actual politicians, parties or democratic principles were used or referenced in the making of this light-hearted film.



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