Did you know that Islam is a country? Neither did we until we saw this interview...


Stephanie Banister is the One Nation candidate for the federal seat of Rankin in Queensland.

We suspect you didn’t need another reason not to vote for One Nation but just in case you did, take a look at the magnificent piece of television footage that is her interview with Channel 7.

First, Bannister says that Islam is a country, rather than a religion. She then mistakes the word ‘haram’ for the Muslim holy book the Koran. She gives her glowing endorsement to people of Jewish faith because they follow Jesus Christ… which is blatantly untrue. And finally, Banister praises how well Disability Care, the national disability insurance scheme is working…. it will commence in 2016.

28 seconds: Banister explains that she has no problem with Islam ‘the country’, just Islamic law.

40 seconds: Banister confuses the term ‘haram’ which is an Arabic word meaning something that is banned with the Muslim holy book, the Koran.

53 seconds: Banister gives her glowing endorsement to the sale of kosher food in Australia because apparently people of the Jewish faith follow Jesus Christ.

1 minute 13 seconds: Banister says the yet to be introduced NDIS is working well.