The elderly couple who called police because they were 'desperately' lonely.

“It was a nice change to have somebody to talk to. Somebody different to talk to,” Mr Thomson said.

When police in the UK received a call on Tuesday from an elderly couple, they were concerned that 95-year-old Fred Thomson was injured from a fall.

“[Mrs Thomson] was having difficulty with her husband,” Police Constable Stu Ockwell told UK newspaper The Telegraph. “Our thoughts were originally that the husband’s probably had a fall.”

But what Ockwell and his partner found when they arrived at the Manchester home was even more heartbreaking than that.

“We arrived to find something completely different,” Ockwell said. (Screenshot: The Telegraph)

The pair found neither Mr Thomson or his wife needed medical help, but they did need attention of another kind.

“The call had been made out of desperation”, The Telegraph UK reports.

“We arrived to find something completely different. What we found was a lovely elderly couple who were caring for each other, probably finding it a bit difficult to care for each other with their ailments and their age, and that were in need of a bit of company if anything,” Ockwell elaborated in a video interview.

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Rather than turning on their heels to return to fighting crime, Ockwell and his partner did something so decent — so human — that it’s making headlines across the world today.

They put their work day on hold to brew a cup of tea and keep the lonely couple company.

“We spent half an hour with them, put on the kettle whilst Fred told us the stories of when he was in the war,” a visibly emotional Ockwell said in the video interview.

“He’s an amazing character and I was in fits of laughter. And to me, it made my day.”


“I was very pleased to know there was help around, and pleased to talk to them,” Mr Thomson said. (Screenshot: The Telegraph)

Mr Thomson also talked to The Telegraph, saying it was nice to have “nice to have somebody different to talk to” and commending the police officers for being “very civil sort of people, as you would expect.”

“I was very pleased to know there was help around, and pleased to talk to them. Because sometimes you can feel a bit isolated as you get older,” Mr Thomson continued. “They made me feel at home.”

Mrs Thomson, whose first name has not been reported, is in poor health and caring for Mr Thomson, who is going blind.

We can only hope that when we reach old age, we’ll have people as decent as Police Constable Ockwell around.

Bravo, Greater Manchester Police.