Edwina Bartholomew shuts down a personal insult in the most perfect way.

It’s the insult that still has us confused.

A man told presenter Edwina Bartholomew to “stop wrinkling” up her nose in what must be the strangest insult the journalist has ever received.

“Stop wrinkling up your nose on purpose when u (sic) laugh. You don’t look like a cute bunny rabbit, you look ridiculous,” he said.


The 33-year-old journalist didn’t let the comment slide but instead directed the man to some bigger issues.

“Daniel, I’ll wrinkle my nose and laugh how I see fit,” she began. “Go and worry about something else please.”

“Here are some suggestions: Syria, childhood obesity, the drought, the floods, rising cost of living and climate change.”

Bartholomew signed off with a gentle “Edwina” and waited for the man to respond. Because you just know somebody like that just can’t help but get the last word in.

Daniel responded with another generous reminder of his initial request. “Just try not wrinkling your nose please,” he said.

The commented was initially posted on the presenter’s official Facebook page but has since been shared on her Instagram account.

Bartholomew captioned this post with a much more frank demonstration of her feelings.

“Dear Daniel, rack off. Regards, Eddy.”

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The post has skyrocketed in popularity since it was posted early on Monday evening with fans applauding Bartholomew for her response to insulting man.

“OMG too much time on his hands. Go Eddy,”  one fan said.

“Another reason why I love you,” said another.

One fan even expressed their desire to have a nose just as wrinkly.

“I’m well jealous of your nose wrinkle!” they said.

Too much time on his hands is a very kind recap of the situation and the man involved.

Feature Image via Instagram. 

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