Sunrise's Edwina Bartholomew had a very unusual demand about her new engagement ring.

By now you are well and truly aware that Sunrise presenter Edwina Bartholomew is engaged to her partner of six years, Neil Varcoe.

(And if you didn’t then, SPOILER ALERT…)

Now, in a revelation more shocking than the fact she kept her engagement a secret for TWO WHOLE WEEKS without anyone knowing, she’s revealed she actually begged her fiancé for a smaller ring.

No, that’s not a typo. A smaller ring.

As in, less fancy. Less diamonds. Less bling.

In an interview with Confidential, the 33-year-old said she actually chose a ring that was “a lot smaller” than the one currently hanging out on her finger.


“Then he quite literally accidentally got the one that was a lot bigger,” she confessed.

“We actually went to the store and I tried to make him take it back, and they don’t take refunds.

“So I’m stuck with this rather large, amazingly gorgeous, gigantic diamond ring.”


Eddie also shared that her and Neil are keen to keep their wedding – which is on the cards for next year – very casual and low key.

Edwina Bartholomew with Neil Varcoe. (Instagram)

"My only prerequisite is that we have sausage rolls and pies and ham rolls at the end of the night," she said.

"I am dead serious, I love sausage rolls and I hate it when you go to weddings and it is all fancy food and you can't actually eat anything."

So, Eddie, does this mean that if we bring party pies, we're on the guest list? Please? Hello...?

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