Edwina Bartholomew responds to Samantha Armytage controversy.

Sam Armytage’s colleague and co-conspirator in that now-infamous Kristin Davis Sex and the City skit on Sunrise Edwina Bartholomew has addressed the furore on her Instagram account.

Bartholomew echoed Armytage’s piece for News Ltd, taking issue with ABC journalist Virginia Haussegger calling the morning TV star “daft”, a “mindless bimbo”, and “ditzy”.

“It was not her idea. It was not my idea,” wrote Bartholomew. “But we all did sit there and follow through with it. Do I regret that? Hell yes. Am I making excuses? Hell no.”

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Haussegger took issue with the Sunrise hosts’ playing along and “winding up the ditzy dial” on breakfast TV, even as smart and insightful women’s voices on TV are disappearing, in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday.

Their nonsense nattering does a major disservice to feminism. If Armytage and Co. don’t give a hoot about feminism – fine. But perhaps they should think about women like themselves – glamorous, privileged women who are in positions of power and influence – and how hard others have fought for such women to be taken seriously. To be heard. And to have their views considered worthy of prime time, serious discussion.

Armytage responded on News.com.au, saying Haussegger calling her and her colleagues out for the stupid skit was “bullying”.

The journalist who wrote this vitriolic piece took up valuable column space (which could have focused on the important issues of the day such as, maybe… refugees?) and used the most base, vile and derogatory terms to describe not only a fellow woman, but a woman in her own profession. Why is it that some of those who shout the loudest about feminism are the most unkind to other women?

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