Edwina Bartholomew shares a brilliant picture from the Channel 7 archives.

Thanks to her previous role as Sunrise weather presenter that took her to every farm, landmark and obscure event in Australia and the world, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d seen it all from Edwina Bartholomew.

Not so.

To celebrate presenter Kochie’s 60th birthday, the Channel Seven archives were raided to find highlights of his career. But memories of Kochie weren’t the only thing uncovered, it was Bartholomew’s early TV days that proved to be the real find.

Fortunately the 32 year old couldn’t resist sharing the gem on Instagram. While her smile is still identical, the same cannot be said for her hair.



Showing the Dancing With The Stars host’s first day on television, Bartholomew revealed that it wasn’t actually her jacket she was wearing.

And no, that quintessential late ’90s/early noughties hair was not a wig, but her own.

Many of her followers were quick to comment about how similar the presenter looked today.

“You’re like Benjamin Button, getting younger as time goes on,” wrote one commenter, to which Bartholomew replied: “I do hope I end up looking like Brad Pitt!” (Watch: The 2016 Sunrise set is revealed. Post continues after video.)

The picture was uncovered by Sunrise Supervising Producer Stefan Peter Mitchell. He not only shared the shot, but explained it was the moment Bartholomew was interviewed by then host Melissa Doyle in a competition to win a job on the program.


“This is how the exchange unfolded… MEL: ‘Edwina, what do you think your biggest advantage will be?’ EDDY: ‘Ohhh, I ‘spose a bit of practical experience from Bathurst…and umm, hopefully gonna have a bit of fun. And then… just get along with everyone’,” he commented on the picture.

“Truer words have never been said. Love it. The best!” (Post continues after gallery)

Now a Sunrise presenter who’s most recent assignment was reporting from the Oscar’s red carpet, Bartholomew ended up winning that competition, launching her TV career.

“In my final year at university, Sunrise was running a competition to win a job, which my uni professor put me forward for, and so I competed on telly to win a job as a producer. At the end of the week I won the job and that’s how I got my first gig in television,” she told The Beast in 2012.

“When I first worked at ‘Sunrise’ I was making coffee, running around, working in the mornings. Basically I’ve done every job possible on that show.”

Here’s to many more.

Which TV presenter would you like to see a similar throwback from?