Our favourites: Peeing rules for boys, cheating husbands and hope

This adorable meme pretty much sums up the way I'd like iVillage to feel for you as a reader - it's an electronic hug and entertainment wrapped up together in a website. Here are my favourite ways we tried to make that happen for you this week.

The stories that made us weep and think ...

>> These “Benjamin Button children” have a condition so rare there are only half a dozen like them, including one in Western Australia. Click here to read more.

>> 7-year-old Jane Richards lost her leg in the Boston bombings - but she hasn't lost her hope. Read more about this amazing little girl here >>
>> Our iBlog Friday winner, Lisa Baker, wrote about the pregnancy she wasn't sure she wanted and the devastation when she miscarried >>
>> The words every new mum needs to hear – that they're not crazy alone and why - click here to read then share it with the mothers in your life >>
>> "Don’t sigh enviously over how thin he is" and other advice for talking to your son about his body >>
>> The mum who said brushing an unwilling child's hair is assault. Oh yes, she did! Read her reasoning here then have your say >>
>> The amazing lesson a terminally ill mum taught her friend about life >>
>> Last week we brought you a letter from a woman to the man who cheated on her friend. Now, he’s responded…

On the lighter side ...

>> 15 rules for peeing that every mum of boys should read (and secretly giggle over) >>
>> iVillage's new contributing parenting editor, the brilliant Kate Hunter, wrote about why you should ignore your kids (…sometimes) >> and a hilarious guide to surviving school fete season – and staying in the P&C’s good books >>
>> The awkward moment when a dog has better hair than you... Click here for the full gallery >>
>> Move over, sepia. The latest wedding photo trend is here and we reckon it's a game-changer. Click here to find out what sets it apart >>
>> The most golden retrievers in one place... and other bizarre world records that have been set this year >>
>> And of course, for the week's best gossip - and gratuitious True Blood nudity, click here.
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